In addition to the MMM I have developed a contagious "Positive Mental Attitude" ~ (PMA) and "Positive Mental Therapy" ~ (PMT)

both helping grow my focusing on the positive statement of;

Go on...

Go on... Look in a mirror and say.....

"I shall gain fitness"....How did that feel??

This is a POSITIVE STATEMENT/AFFIRMATION try saying it without raising a smile or eyebrow!

Positivity grows positivity...

Have a go (whilst looking in the mirror) at saying "I must lose weight".

Did you notice the little snarl of the lip??

On my quest to reverse diabetes or at least become 'post diabetic' I have tried many gadgets n gizmos to little / no avail, however,

that is not the case with the FAB Reviber Equipment I use in MMM / Chi~Bration

I have diversified and added 'Resistance Bands' & 'Dharma Yoga Wheel' to my personal fitness regime.

When I 1st clambered on & rolled on it, I did experience discomfort, so did not stay on for more than a few seconds, the pain caused me to read / research further, 'little n often' in the early days... So that I did a few times a day for a few seconds at a time!!

 Being EVER SO MINDFUL as to where I did it, was the ground level, were my surroundings safe it I fell off?

Trust me I did fall off, I got back on too!! I can now do with ease a good 15 mins of different stretches as seen below. 

Some moves I wil lnever be able to achieve with the muscular status of my calves only one will fit as I say...

 "I am NOT A STICK INSECT" so do not worry if you too are not so!!! We learn to make adjustments in orger to make progress :-)


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I can heartily recommend the Yoga Wheel and Yoga in general to help you if you to have a quest for Health & Well-Being..
As I said above you may well experience discomfort or pain, I stuck with it as I knew I was safe to do so, however, if you have issues, concerns etc, PLEASE PLEASE seek advice and or guidance from a Dr / Physiontherapist or medical practitioner BEFORE embarking on your "fitness & well-being journey" I JOLLY WELL DID!!

Here is a FAB testimonial after a few days using the Yoga Wheel..

Used it morning and night, not for long 20/30 seconds 4 to 5 times.  I have to say my back isn’t hurting in a morning and feeling fab.

Thanks for the introduction to my life x  It’s worked wonders for me and I take a lot of prescribed medication for my back. Not had any tablets all week.

< SLS Catterick >


MMM was developed by Mark using tools & techniques found to work for himself to gain fitness and is so doing LOSE WEIGHT

Having reduced waist size from 48" to size 32" has taken 4 years and hard work, more concentrated and

focused in the past two years as his next goal is to achieve 'Post Diabetic' HbA1c < Link > blood test results. 

This will see a further weight reduction from 118Kg to 77.7Kg (24th October);

< Link > Real LIVE evidence of my dramatic Fitness Gained & Weight Lost..


Boosting Metabolism. Increasing Calorific BURN Value in a shorter period of activity.

Please note I am NOT offering classes using the Yoga Wheel or Yoga Stool.

If you would like to perhaps 'Try before you buy / Test before you invest' please ask, we can for sure have a brief chat and let you

'have a go' with them; also chat about how gaining fitness can lead to weighloss too.

Interested? Please phone 01677 422996 or 07540 615485 to book / enquire..


I've invested in and am experimenting with a 'Yoga Stool' to help me with inversions / upside down work!!

It was a challenge I set myself in 2019, I rose to the challenge too, I'm head over heels with my progress & achievement too :-)

Here are a couple of links I've used < Link > < Link >




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