Mark's Mindful Movement MMM ChiBration Exercise

I have developed an innovative life style / life change program using;

Positive Mental Attitude ~ (PMA) and Positive Mental Therapy ~ (PMT)

The 10 Mindful Movements regularly observed & practiced on Buddhist Retreats etc.

Supported by ( as I sit, stand or lay on ) "Reviber Equipment"

Reviber Fusion Oscillating Vibration Plate Exerciser <Link> & Reviber Chi Bodywave Pro Passive Exercise Machine

MMM has been developed by Mark using tools & techniques found to work for himself to gain fitness and in so doing LOSE WEIGHT!!!

Reduction of waist size from 48" to size 32" has taken 4 years and hard work, more concentrated and

focussed in the past two years as his next goal is to achieve 'Post Diabetic' HbA1c blood test results. 

This saw further weight reduction from 118Kg to 77.7Kg (25th October 2020) a reduction of some 34% body weight!!

in addition my HbA1c in now on the cusp of the Pre-Diabetes (48) from 97!! (Reduction of some 50%)

threshold, for me aiming to achieve "Post Diabetes" :-) Next BLOODS are Tue 10th Nov 2020....

< Link > Real LIVE evidence of my dramatic Fitness Gained & Weight Lost..


The above forms / poses / shapes / stances / are based upon traditional

Buddhist Mindful Movements, Tai Chi and Yoga origins, using the Reviber Equipment to increase their affect and effect on us by;

Boosting Metabolism.  Increasing Calorific BURN Value in a shorter period of activity.


As of 1st November 2020 ~ Mark will be offering a 60 minutes "TASTER" session

(Including induction to the equipment) for £25

An option to create a 3 in 21 days "Kick Starter Personal Fitness Commitment / Engagement Program" is available:-

£60 for the three additional sessions.

This will be discussed at the end og the "TASTER"



 **Sessions thereafter are 60 minutes for £25 if within one month of previous session, if not 60 minutes for £35**

Sessions carried held outdoors, undercover in our garden, social distancing is observed too.

 (indoors if the weather is inclement now Covid19 restriction has eased).

Interested? Please phone 01677 422996 or 07540 615485 to book / enquire..

There is some necessary paperwork admin to complete for GDPR, COVID-19 awareness etc at the 1st session so it will take a little longer.

Please note appointments by pre-arrangement all sessions are to be pre-paid BACs


When I created MMM I never envisaged it to be a long term 'investment' for people, more of a short term NUDGE in the correct direction,

to coach, guide and mentor folks onto their journey towards fitness, weightloss, better mindset etc, the reasons for folks signing up are too many to list.

  The equipment used does have added benefits to fitness / calorific burn etc, however, the program can be followed using the handouts and simple inexpensive 'props'

i.e. Yoga Belt, blocks, mat, resistance bands, weights etc.  I am more than happy to "Coach / Mentor" students on an ad hoc basis too.**



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