Mark's Mindful Movement MMM ChiBration Exercise & Core Values Coaching

I have developed an innovative life style / life change program using;

Positive Mental Attitude ~ (PMA) and Positive Mental Therapy ~ (PMT)

The 10 Mindful Movements regularly observed & practiced on Buddhist Retreats etc.

Supported by ( as I sit, stand or lay on ) "Reviber Equipment"

Reviber Fusion Oscillating Vibration Plate Exerciser <Link> & Reviber Chi Bodywave Pro Passive Exercise Machine <Link>

MMM has been developed by Mark using tools & techniques found to work for himself to gain fitness and is so doing LOSE WEIGHT

Having reduced waist size from 48" to size 34" has taken 4 years and hard work, more concentrated and

focussed in the past two years as his next goal is to achieve 'Post Diabetic' HbA1c blood test results. 

This will see a further weight reduction from 118Kg to 87.5Kg (24th July 2019);

< Link > Real LIVE evidence of my dramatic Fitness Gained & Weight Lost..

The above forms / poses / shapes / stances / are based upon their traditional;

Buddhist Mindful Movements, Tai Chi and Yoga origins, using the Reviber Equipment to increase their affect and effect on us by;

Boosting Metabolism. Increasing Calorific BURN Value in a shorter period of activity.

Mark is offering a 90 minutes session (Including induction to the equipment)

for £25 (Offer extended to 31st Dec 2019) Sessions carried held outdoor, undercover or indoors if the weather is inclement.

Interested? Please phone 01677 422996 or 07540 615485 to book / enquire..

There is some necessary paperwork admin to complete for GDPR etc at the 1st session so it will take a little longer.



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