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Jan and Mark are Reiki Master Teachers, we work from our home in Leeming Bar North Yorkshire....

We don't provide mobile services, as we find it far more benefial for folks to step off of their world and into ours........


We're based in Leeming Bar North Yorkshire

All our "TREAT"Ments are underpinned by Reiki.

Hot~Stones are offered Free of Charge to any aromatherapy massage you choose.

Testimonials ~ What have people said about the lovely range of "TREAT"Ments you deliver?

Happy Happy Reiki Friends for sure 


Just wanted to share this with anyone who needs spiritual connection, relaxation, reiki etc or simply the best massage in the area x no one can beat these guys x totally recommend getting in touch with them !

F.K. Darlington


Looking to get fitter? Don't want to go to the gym? Need 1:1 support? Never exercised before (like me!)?
Then this is for you, I have now done 4 sessions with more booked in and it's amazing, I feel so much better for it - if I can do it then anyone can. :-)
Contact Mark at Mark's Mindful Movement for more details.
(He does Reiki too> Reiki Relaxation & Whole-Istic Treatments Leeming Bar)

Another hour of Chi-Bration done thanks to friend and neighbour Mark!
I am feeling the burn. :-)

On Monday I visited a friend and neighbour who also happens to run his own Reiki Business (Reiki Relaxation & Whole-Istic Treatments Leeming Bar). Markhas invested in some new equipment and I have been appointed the 'Guinea Pig'!
Just a 15 minute 'try out' on Monday, but I returned today and did a one hour session - a combination of Mindfulness and Tai Chi incorporating use of a Reviber Chi Bodywave Pro Passive Exercise Machine and also a Reviber Fusion Oscillating Vibration Plate Exerciser.
I have quite low confidence and would never go to a gym, I have anxiety also which doesn't help however I need to get fitter, improve my health and do something for 'me'!
I also have Arthritis in my knees which is VERY debilitating, I have often been told that increasing blood flow to my knees would help.
So, off I go to Mark's on Monday, no clue what I am doing but what a fab teacher Mark is - which goes a very long way.
On Tuesday I ached, it worked! My knees felt a little less painful and moved a little easier! Wow! What more motivation do I need!
So, I can't wait to see how I feel after my one hour session today!
What a fantastic idea for people, like me, who just don't want to go to a gym but need a bit of help and understanding!
Thank you SO much Mark - looking forward to Sunday. :-)
(Furthermore; I have also had Reiki with Mark, highly recommended if you need to de-stress. AND I am big on supporting small, local businesses so please, take a look and see how he may be able to help you)

P.M. Leeming Bar


l talk about you all the time to customers, friends and family as you truly are amazing at what you do. Gorgeously talented, enthusiastic couple giving such lovely treatments to so many  😍xx

MPF Northallerton & York

 Thanks again another lovely evening. I'm loving reiki, it's amazing to me how much calmer I am and how much less I care about stuff that's not worth it. I definitely believe you guys came into my life at that time for a reason. Thank you x

C. T. Leeming Village

 Thanks honey xx I just want to thank you for introducing me to Reiki as it has changed me as a person. More relaxed and becoming confident as I begin to believe in myself more and accept me as I am now as I gradually let go of the past and endeavour to make the best of every day, whatever it brings. I think I too might be becoming Reiki rather than delivering it xxx love B

B. J. Ingleby Barwick

Thanks to you guys, you came into my life at the right time. I feel like a different person and a better one. Thanks again for a lovely evening x

C. T. Leeming Village

 6 hours sleep last night! So appreciated! A massive thank you to Master Reiki practitioners Mark & Jan Bonney for their expert care & healing skills at yesterday's treatment. Combined approach of conventional medicine plus complimentary medicine really does improve the efficacy of treatment, allowing you to feel better overall, both physically & emotionally, also better able to manage 24/7 pain, fatigue & toxic drugs. One happy bunny this morning! :-) :-) :-) XXX

The last part is written with both my retired Executive Director of Nursing's head on, plus me living my life post cancer with rheumatoid arthritis, & recently a connective tissue lupus type disease, (caused by the cancer drugs I then couldn't continue with). For overall wellbeing of health the whole person needs expert therapeutic care. Result ; healing, balance, peace, positivity, & appreciation. Health & happiness ! Respect for combined medical approach to our health & wellbeing. Thank you very much for your continued care & healing. X

C. S. Northallerton 

 Amazed is the only word there is! I have always been so opened to these alternative therapies. However I still had that little voice of doubt at the back of my head. That has well and truly disappeared! I can't wait for my next session!

Now, 16hrs afterwards, I can't explain properly but I will have a go, I notice immediately that my breathing has changed. It almost feels like my lungs are 'free'.
I have also not had my painkillers since this morning (this would be the first time in 5 years...). It's not that my pain has gone, it hasn't, but I can deal with it. 
I have also slept for 12hrs straight... That's better than the 4hrs a night I have had for so long! 
Thank you so much! Can't wait till next time!

L.  E. A.  Northallerton

New to the concept of Reiki I am
Historically thought it was a sham
But my little session of head neck and shoulder
Hit me like a rolling boulder
Introduced by my lovely friend
My cynicism has come to an end
A few more of these sessions I feel
Will finally help me to heal. 

G.G. Northallerton

Well Mr Reiki Man, and the lovely Jan.  I feel absolutely fantastic, my legs have lost that distended feeling, and am pain free.  The blockage in my tummy area.. well need I say more.  I only wish I'd been 'treated' sooner.. 

G.D. Little Langton

I have to share this . I have been suffering with extremely bad knee pain for several months now. I was living off anti inflammatory drugs just to have some kind of relief . My GP could find nothing wrong and prescribed more pain killers.

I saw the advert for Reiki Relaxation and decided to give it a go. I had nothing to lose.

I had my first session last Sunday. I was optimistic, but I will admit I was quite scared. However I needn't have worried.  Mark put me at ease, explained everything step by step.  I walked out relaxed, not pain free but in a lot less pain.  During last week the muscles in my back became stiff and painful. However that was realignment as I was no longer compensating for my knee and having to walk straight.  I had my second session today. And bounded through the door.  I've had the most amazing aromatherapy hot stone massage, and Reiki treatment delivered by Jan and Mark .

I don't feel good . I feel amazing. I'm energised and relaxed. With the added extra bonus I can walk and practically pain free.

For the record I haven't taken any pain killers for over a week .

Mark and Jan I'm hooked and I can't thank you enough

XXXX  M.L.J Catterick

What an amazing afternoon. I had an Indian head massage for a full hour followed by a Reiki session. The massage was absolutely amazing and I can highly recommend the treatment. Treat yourself as you won't be disappointed. 

Until I 'happened upon' Mark and Jan, I had forgotten how important it is to make time to look after myself. During the treatments I had today I was totally relaxed and at peace with the world. I also have to admit that I was so relaxed during the Reiki that I dozed off at points throughout the hour. 

I can't thank Mark enough for this afternoon. Until I started having treatments 4 months ago I wouldn't have believed the value, but I do now :-)

B. J. Ingleby Barwick

Well I never, went for a head neck and shoulder massage with Mark The-Reiki Man Bonney this evening with hot stones thrown in for free, also had a mini Reiki session (which I have always professed to be sceptical about) however as a result of this I was able to cry, properly cry and let soooo much go!!...... I will definitely be returning for a proper Reiki session and would recommend this to all I know!!! X    

K.D. Thirsk

A few months ago I knew diddly squat about Reiki and one day I liked an unrelated post on Facebook and accidentally sent the ' originator' of the post a friend request.  That was Mark I apologised and cancelled the request but Mark sent me a link to this page.

I was curious so booked a Reiki taster session, quickly followed by 2 more. On my very first visit to Mark and Jan their kindness of heart was so real and tangible.  Their home and especially their Reiki room is a peaceful love filled haven from the world.

I have a few stresses at the moment so rather than just struggling on alone I contacted Mark and asked if he and Jan could suggest a relaxation treatment that I could have this morning.  Mark suggested Hot stones and Indian Head massage.  He also asked if I was happy working 'solo' with him as Jan was working.  I was completely comfortable with this as the respect and care I had witnessed on previous visits put me at ease.

I had a fabulous treatment and feel refreshed and renewed.
A postscript to this post is...If I had said no to working solo there would have been no recriminations or resentment. Mark and Jan understand that all people have 'history' that may affect you feel about things...

If like me you want to enquire but are a bit unsure or uncertain about Reiki and other treatments just ask Mark or Jan xxx B. J. Ingleby Barwick

Highly recommends Mark The-Reiki Man Bonney for Reiki treatment. Just had a lovely nine hours kip - not bad for a lifelong insomniac (with two teething toddlers!)

Me too, the boys always sleep well after a treatment. 

S.C. RAF Leeming

You are welcome when I visited you I had minimal knowledge of Reiki as was no doubt evident from my endless questions.

I had no faith or belief in the energies but I can't deny the changes that have occurred. I had a headache on Saturday and I attributed it to being with my overly perfumed friend, but it didn't turn into a migraine but neither would it shift with paracetamol.

I didn't tell you about it because I didn't think it relevant. However, having done some reading I know it was probably toxins that had been flushed out by the Reiki xxx

B.  J.  Ingleby Barwick

Thank you so much for delivering such a lovely service. My hubby actually smiles!!!!!! Almost worrying, he had been very stressed and grumpy for quite some time and since leaving your spot he is a pleasure to be with  I think this is going to have to become a regular thing for him.  I will definitely be trying this myself in the New Year. Thank you again!!!!     M.C. Bedale

Hello again I am feeling great this week and I attribute this to Reiki energies following Friday's treatment, The pressures and in some cases 'conflicts' at work are not getting to me at all. In my personal relationships I feel more communicative and more secure (not that I had anything to feel insecure about). I am having better quality sleep and if I wake I think about the calm and relaxation I felt in your Reiki room.

I am drinking more water because I am noticing my need for water rather than other cold drinks. Oh and the other positive I have noticed is I am not experiencing and struggles with my healthy eating and feel NO temptations to 'indulge ' In short I feel better than I have for years.

I have been reading a bit about Reiki healing and it will be of no surprise to you to hear how I am feeling following my treatment.

My question now is, how should I proceed. Should I book 2 more sessions in the next couple of weeks or do I need to 'start again'? Thanks for your care…

 B.  J.  Ingleby Barwick

"So ..... what does a reiki practioner do when they are feeling deflated - go and have some reiki of course! Had a fantastic session with Mark Bonney and Jan Jeanette Lesley Bonney up in Leeming Bar. I have a new lease of trust and planning ahead of me. Bring on the New Year - I'm ready for you!" 
K. D. RAF Coningsby

Omg I feel fantastic after my hot stones and Toes to Trapezius massage treatment with Mark Bonney!! Amazing!! I feel completely enlightened. My back is pain free in the first time in months. Thank you so much love xx HIGHLY recommend a visit to Mark and Jan, they are true angels xxx

 — :-) feeling wonderful.

J. M.  Scorton, Richmond

'reat'ments received from Jan and Mark far excel others I've had in beauty spas. Tender, gentle and considerate, no watching the clock. Always feel renewed - thanks.

M.W.  Kirby Fleetham

Thanks for the 5* care I received today from both you and your lovely wife.
really enjoyed the time you both spent ensuring I was relaxed prior treatments and was impressed with being able to choose oils that enhanced my wellbeing..the oils and creams were spot on and the fragrances really came to life with the hotstones/massages.  You both took the time to understand my medical condition and tailored my treatments to my needs.
the massage was done professionally and every step of the procedure was explained beforehand/during that I knew what you was going to do and why and the benefits I would gain.  before leaving again time spent explaining how my body might react etc and to end a lovely card reading...
I left not only feeling relaxed and free from pain but happy and also felt I had gained two friends...wish I could have the treatments every month.....well will try as the best £'s spent xxx
S. Ez. S Catterick

Thank you both for a fab session! So much better than the first one (even though that was great too) will look forward to the next one Xx. 

L. C.  Leeming Bar

I slept like the dead last night, Hubby even said he got up to daughter twice and I didn't hear a thing (not at all like me).  Back feels much looser today so fingers crossed if I keep resting for a couple of weeks I'll be on the mend.  Could you send me a link to your price list again? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks again x       

L.R. Ripon

Hi Mark thanks so much for the Friday night facial - I was amazed at how well I slept that evening! I will def be booking in again and told all the girls about it at work this morning! Can you send my info again as i don't seem to have got your other message? Many thanks Sarah and see you again soon!   

S. J. Bedale

"Can't believe the relief I have felt after the massage ..thank you sooo much xx" 

G.D. Northallerton

Amazing Indian head massage and Thai leg and foot massage last night both using hot stones, felt totally pampered. If you've never tried hot stones I highly recommend it, they get deep into your very bones and leaves you feeling totally refreshed, had the best nights sleep I've had in a while and aches and pains all but gone!, thanks Mark and jan (lovely oil blend) — feeling refreshed.  

C.  R. RAF Leeming

Here is a <Link> lovely messages from a lovely lass Sans Kelly, following a "Distance Healing" session with me (Mark) on Saturday evening 3rd May 2014.  She is full of #Gratitude as are Jan & I ~ Love n Light n Learning.

Slept like a log. Feeling sparkly still and really calm. Hair had to be washed but it's ultra soft and shiny. Had a lovely TREATment. Half term here we come!  

R. H. Bedale

Anyone in two minds about taking a treatment from either Mark or Jan don't sit and think anymore I have spent 12 months do I don't I now wish I did a long time ago. I went for the maxi spa and it’s the best money I have spent on myself for a long time I had Indian Head Massage followed by Thai Foot Massage, Hot Stones and Reiki session. From the minute you walk in the whole environment says relax sit back and enjoy the moment you're instantly set at ease with a drink whilst mixing the essential oils for the massage oil and cream I got totally lost in relaxing and enjoying the time four and half hours later it was time to pick myself up and go home. That wasn't the end of it by a long shot that night was the best nights sleep I have had in almost 2 years woke up pain free (wooo hoooo) first time in 8 years followed by another full day of barley any pain and the same the next day I still use a little of the oil and cream on a night have a relaxing night and then wake up feeling refreshed I will definitely have at least a few more regular treatments before just having a couple of top up massages to keep me going if this has made you rethink having one please tell Mark or Jan you read my comments and thought you would give it a try at the end of the day yes it costs a little bit of money but the relaxed feelings it gives you and general well being is worth far more than money can buy and a recommendation like this could ever say. I would tell the whole world to give it a go if I could but have settled at having my say on here Thank you Mark and Jan for the time I spent with both of you I will be coming for more treatments xx 

Debbie Doherty/Smiles~ RAF Leeming

Feedback: I have now had a few reiki sessions and Spa treatments with yourselves and can honestly say I leave each and every time feeling 100 percent better than when I arrive. I leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. Lovely environment, Lovely people and amazing treatments, Thank you. 

Samantha Steedman ~ Leeds

I love my blend, so would love that with the cream :)    x

Just had a fab treatment session with Mark The-Reiki Man Bonney. def recommend the Thai foot massage and the Indian ead massage. feel soo much better after it! thanks mark & jan xx

Thank you so much for Gemma's Mini Spa, she felt amazing and enjoyed every min of it. Wishing you a happy Christmas, x

Just wanted to say what a great, relaxing hour at Mark The-Reiki Man Bonney I had last night. If you want to escape the everyday stress and need some pick me up this is definitely worth trying. He does all sorts from foot massage to aromatherapy and obviously Reiki. Can't wait for my Indian head massage!

The Reiki Precepts / Principles

Just for today, I will not worry
Just for today, I will not anger
Just for today, I will honour every living thing / be kind to people
Just for today, I will earn my living honestly
Just for today, I will show my gratitude and kindness to all living things



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