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We have found as have our many Reiki clients/friends that 3 in 21 days is the optimum way to benfit from Reiki.

21 day Reiki integration / settling in process

There is a general 21 day integration process that you may or may not go through.

It depends on a number of variables to include where you are within yourself and vibrational resonance. 



1st Session / Week ~ Physical Body
In this first session / week the energy will work through your physical body.

Try and get plenty of rest when you can and drink plenty of water.

Meditation, walks and being mindful is beneficial.

2nd Session / Week ~ Emotional /Mental Body
When filtering through these subtle bodies you may experience some clearing,

like you would do after a healing session.

This is to release any blocked energy in order for your vibration to be raised.

It is an important step in allowing, acknowledging, accepting and thereby recreating.

3rd Session / Week ~ Spiritual/Casual Body
This session / week is a coming together, a balancing of the energy cascading to your spiritual body/aspect.

Continuing from this session / week is a journey and recognition from your soul / higher self.

Now that you have taken the first steps in the right direction, on the path back to yourself.

Additionally during this very important 21 day integration / settling in period,

you may have old experiences and emotions come forward as well as some of the following symptoms.

Emotional release (i.e. chucking, giggling, laughing, crying, anger / temper etc.)

Mood swings





Vivid dreams

Sometimes DEEP sleep followed by restless sleep and a change in your sleep patterns

Heightened awarenedd / senses

Change in libido / sex drive

Allow the process to unfold for you without judgement.

You will experience what is needed to elevate your own awareness.

It is important to nurture and treat yourself to what makes you feel good.

Be big on self-care during the 21 day spiritual cleanse. Our suggestions are:

Perform a daily gassho{Hands in Prayer Position to Heart} meditation followed by a body / chakra scan

Drink plenty of water

Give yourself a self-care / pamper treatment every week.

For example, an epsom salt bath with your favorite essential oils.

Add in some flower petals and / or crystals to your bath to make it extra soothing.

Get a massage or reflexology

Spend time out in Mother Nature, the beach, woods or park etc

Engage in relaxing activities in nature or with people you love

Go on a silent walking meditation for 15 minutes or more

Diary / Journal daily

Chant, sing listen to inspiring music

Dance or exercise (move your body)

What you should avoid during 21 day cleanse:



Excessive caffeine

High sugar and salty foods

The symptoms slowly diminish after the 21 days.

Performing the gassho meditation and reiki self-healing treatment daily

will support you in the process and can be continued after the 21 days.

So... After the 3 in 21 days "how often will I 'need' Reiki" we are often asked..

'NEED' is the key, many Reiki Clients / Friends chose to receive Reiki regularly, some weekly, monthly,

3 monthly etc, they decide what works best for them. 

Some go over a year then decide they REALLY DO NEED REIKI ASAP, it is a 'feeling' only they know.

Likewise to experience Reiki is the best way to appreciate it too, people experience many different feelings on the Reiki Bed;

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  The 5 Reiki Ethical Precepts / Principals are....

Just for today, I will not worry
Just for today, I will not anger
Just for today, I will honour every living thing
Just for today, I will earn my living honestly
Just for today, I will show my gratitude and kindness to all living things.

These Usui Reiki Ryoho precepts are honouring our lineage to

Dr Usui, Dr Hyashi & Madam Takata



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