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 What is Hara Breathing?

Hara breathing: is done to relieve the body, mind, and spirit of all types of stress.  If you feel weak or overwhelmed, scared or angry, breathing into the hara will ease these feelings.  Breathing into the hara region allows you to contact your reservoir of energy, and then helps you to root it.  In so doing, you are bringing into your being the vibration of optimal health. 

Technique ~ Breathe in through the nose for a gentle count of three to your (Stomach) rather than lungs, then breathe out of the mouth as if you were fogging a mirror or glass for a gentle count of three / four to ensure you have fully exhaled. 

If you feel odd / unwell return to your natural breathing pattern.  Seek medical advice if it persists.

Click the <Link> to listen to our breathing regulation track, breathe along with it, in through the nose for the count of 3 and out through the mouth for the count of 3.

Breathing is the key to relaxation and focus, progression from the traditional steady count to 3 in (through nostrils) and 3 out (through mouth), practice this little and often, as it can take a while for you to become comfortable with the practice.

Once you have mastered the 3 in / 3 out, progress is made gently with practice time at each stage too.

Next stage is 3 in / 5 out
then 5 in / 7 out
next 7 in / 9 out
then to the optimum level of 9 in / 11 out.

f at any time whilst following these exercises you feel feint, light headed or otherwise unwell revert to your normal respiration.  It will take some time to be able to maintain regulated breathing, however, regular practice will help develop your breathing.

NB.  When breathing out for longer periods you may well feel your heart beating stronger too, this is quite normal, however, if you feel light headed etc, return to your normal breathing practice.  The more often you try the Hara Breathing method the longer you will be able to maintain it for...
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Open your heart and mind to and with Reiki Open your heart and mind to and with Reiki
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